History of Roar

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Beginnings

ROAR was founded April 19th, 2008 by Aaron Auer and John Sutton, approximately one year after Aaron attended a rally at the state capital of Oregon. At the rally Aaron noticed two statues on the state capital grounds that he had never noticed before. One was a statue dedicated to the Circuit rider preachers that helped establish our great state and the other was a statue of Jason Lee, Oregon's first missionary. He realized there and then that he must find out every thing he could about Oregon's amazing roots that these men had been part of and share these historic facts with the citizens of our state. The Lord began to lead and guide Aaron to many historical documents and books that told of Oregon's Christian heritage. His excitement began to grow with each new discovery and a burning desire to share these discoveries with all of Oregon was birthed. Aaron started sharing these discoveries with his close friend John and John began to experience the passion of these great truths as well. Aaron made a trip to Washington D.C. and after viewing our great Declaration of Independence, the original constitution and other documents in the national archives along with Jason Lee's statue in Statuary Hall, he was inspired to create a declaration of Oregon's ministers and leaders to unite us in our common core values rooted in the knowledge of Oregon's Christian founding of the state. The declaration was completed after a few months of work by Aaron, John, Pastor Sherwood Vegsund and Rev. Gary Uphan. On April 19th, 2008 was released to the world at a special gathering at the Circuit Rider statue at the state capital of Oregon and R.O.A.R was launched. In the summer of 2009, Aaron and John toured all 36 county court houses in 45 days in their "Line in the Sand Tour", reading their declaration, preaching, praying, prophesying and making their presentation to all, including judges, commissioners, sheriffs and other public officials while commemorating 150 years of statehood. They have been in approximately 100 venues including churches, schools, rallies and governmental events and invocations.